Employment type personality assessments are used for various purposes such as training and development, customer service testing, career assessment, reducing employee turnover, leadership development, applicant screening, and also as a supplement to commercially provided background  checks. Good pre-employment personality assessments and sales aptitude assessments are behaviorally based as opposed to the standard personality test or profile testing inventory which may only have face validity.

Behavioral testing provides for a more predictable outcome when used for screening applicants for employment.  Many times the behaviors outlined in the employment testing report can be confirmed through background screening reports or subsequent reference checks.  Structured interviews and/or behavioral interviewing is a very subjective process.  By using validated employment tests and assessment tools, a company adds a much needed element of objectivity, especially regarding management evaluations.


The Use of Pre-Employment Assessments Complements the Interview Process

Job fit is very important and many companies use behavioral interview questions to try to match the candidate with the job.  You want to know that a management candidate has good communication and interpersonal skills, but you also want to know about his/her overall leadership skills and management potential.  What about the candidate’s customer service skills, his/her sales skills or his/her cognitive abilities?  Doesn’t the interviewer have enough to focus on without going into so much detail in the short time allocated to complete the interview?  Well, that’s the whole point behind the use of pre-employment assessments.  You can more effectively manage your interview time because you have the majority of the details already laid out in front of you before you go into the interview process.

The pre-employment personality assessment report is most effectively used as a part of the pre-employment screening and selection process.  Used in connection with the standard interviewing process, the employment evaluation report enables the interviewer to quickly pin-point areas of concern for further investigation.  A good employment evaluation report is objective and helps us to overcome many of our subconscious biases and prejudices.  They are also real time savers in the employment interview and applicant selection process.


Get the Facts on Pre-Employment Testing

There is a lot of misinformation regarding pre-employment testing.  There are many different types of personality assessments and profile testing that fall under the “pre-employment testing umbrella” ranging from honesty and integrity tests, to the full blown management evaluations that measure career competency.  There are also clinically-oriented psychological profile tests and assessments which are diagnostic in nature.  Unfortunately, those distinctions are not made very clear in many of the articles that are published concerning employment testing and evaluation.

Most of the articles pertain to the use of psychological profile testing and assessments.  There is a major difference between non-invasive pre-employment testing assessments and clinically-oriented psychological testing assessments.  Most of the assessment instruments involved in litigation are “restricted use,” psychological assessments which generally should not be used in the business environment.  Best InSource, LLC. does not market those types of psychological profile tests or assessments.

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