How Pre-Employment Assessments Help Companies Hire the Best

An article by Michael Mercer on the Assessment Business Center website discusses how pre-employment tests can help companies hire the best candidates that will be the most productive, profitable and honest employees.  The article mentions the sole reason to assess applicants is to predict or forecast how an applicant will behave on-the-job BEFORE you hire the person.  Michael emphasizes the unreliability of interviews and reference checks and focuses on the proven scientific research techniques of pre-employment tests.  In my experience, these pre-employment assessments have helped me go from 36% retention rate to a 93% retention rate in just under 8 months.  That’s an incredible statistic considering the economy and that we have had 4 reductions-in-force during that time.  By focusing on recruit’s abilities, behavioral traits and character, what Mr. Mercer calls the ABC’s of testing, we better predict recruits success in a given job.

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