Hiring Great Employees

hiring employeesI recently reviewed an article that discusses how to hire great employees on the Entrepreneur magazine website.  Bill Bartmann, the article’s author, suggests there are five fundamental characteristics to look for when hiring new employees.  These five characteristics are Aptitude, Attitude, Intelligence, Intensity and Integrity.  He believes he was able to determine a potential new hire’s characteristics in the interview process.  I believe you can find out the “tip of the iceberg” during the interview process but what lies beneath is what causes company’s many problems either with their human capital or in lawsuits.  In my experience of hiring over 1,000 people I have found a people insight tool that helps dig beneath the surface of a person’s resume and interview to find out their true characteristics.  I have used an employee personality test to help do just that.  The pre-employment assessment I use is a profiling tool that assesses a person’s integrity, work ethic, attitude towards substance abuse and reliability.  The assessments test for, among many, the five characteristics Bill mentions in this article and these tools have proven to be much better predictors than an interviewer.  I also use a learning assessment to discover a person’s ability to grasp information quickly which can affect their job performance.  Although I agree with Bill that those five characteristics are fundamental, I believe assessments do a better job of screening good and bad candidates.

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