Find and RETAIN Your Best Employees

In his article, Employee life cycle not one of burn-and-churn Marc Drizin, former Vice President of Walker Information, mentions that the average employee stays with their employer 3.5 years.  He also mentions that the average employee will hold 13-15 jobs during the course of their career.  Further, he says it costs employers 18 months of a salaried employee’s wages to replace them and six months for an hourly worker.  With all of those statistics in mind, we have found using assessments to be a key tool in helping employers retain good employees.  We use assessments to put people in the “right job” based on their thinking style, behavioral traits and occupational interests.  By “fitting” people in a position that they have the potential to succeed in based on their assessment results, we’ve found employees are more loyal, are happier and less likely to leave their employer.

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